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About Marc Elkaim``Live The Luxury Life You Deserve``

Marc “Live the Luxury Life You Desire” Elkaim, wants to live in a world where his clients get to live the life of their dreams, in the home of their dreams, surrounded by the environment of their dreams. And he has made it his mission to help them achieve this as easily and effortlessly as possible.

In his past life, not so long ago, Marc was a leader in luxury high end home automation. Definitely great groundwork for his present “love du jour”, the world of luxury real estate.

Furthermore Marc, no stranger to action and adventure, and with far too many talents, significant accomplishments and accolades to list in this brief introduction, is no slouch…

Two extremely innovative low voltage firms, created, developed and backed by Elkaim, have been, and still are, sought after by top developers, architects and designers, including such high profile leaders as Robert AM Stern and Riccardo Legorreta.

At the same time, his award winning and highly trained team, built by Marc from the ground up, has designed and installed massive one-of-a-kind high tech masterpieces, such as the more than 24,000 sq ft Bel Air Lionsgate Estate, as well as similar works of art in Nevada, Hawaii, the Philippines and Saudi Arabia. No challenge is too big or too great for Elkaim and his dedicated team.

And there’s more! Prior to all of this, Marc was the top negotiator for I.T.T., one of the largest International Network Communications companies at the time employed by the world’s major corporations and cities.

No doubt, serving in the Israeli Air Force as an officer in a special unit, following and parachuting, while accompanying the commando unit on its missions (we’re talking dangerous stuff here!), most definitely added a lot more unique and colorful layers to the already multi-dimensional expression of this extremely and diversely gifted, talented and educated (on every level imaginable) human being!

And what was Marc’s job with this special unit? Literally risking his life, jumping out of planes, in order to film and take photographs for extremely urgent and highly confidential training, monitoring and legal purposes. Talk about discipline, focus, courage, attention to detail, loyalty and commitment to team work and collaboration, in the face of all odds!

But how the heck did Marc land this prestigious, exciting and potentially dangerous, position with the French/Israeli Special Forces? You guessed it! He was trained at one of the top colleges in France for film and cinematography: Vaugirard! As well as l’École des Beaux-Arts (School of Fine Arts), established in the mid 1600’s.

Both schools are in Paris, France…home of some of the world’s most famous art! You just can’t get better training than that – especially for developing an eye for true beauty and luxury.

The fact is…Marc’s own love of luxury and artistic creativity, combined with his vast and extremely well-honed marketing experience and unique marketing strategies, paired with his globally well-established relationships and friendships (all based on integrity, trust and loyalty), with the top builders of these mega-estates, has provided the foundation for his life mission: the “Elkaim Luxury Real Estate” boutique firm.

A dedicated family man, Marc Elkaim has lived (the luxury lifestyle) in Beverly Hills CA, with his beautiful wife, Daniele, and his son, Jeremy, now a budding and passionate chef, since 1994! And before that he lived in Casablanca, Paris, and Italy, just to name a few…

Okay, so what are the necessary qualities required in a trusted advisor by anyone seeking the perfect luxury home and lifestyle of their dreams?

Well let’s start with a somewhat short list: Reliable, resourceful, tenacious, honest, get things done attitude, heart-centered listener, gives personalized attention, detail oriented, self-motivated, disciplined, hardworking, ace collaborator, innovative negotiator, 100% committed to client satisfaction, multilingual abilities (living a luxury lifestyle is a multi-national, globally desired vision for many!), appreciates and revels in beauty, and is extensively well-connected globally: with royalty, celebrities and heads of industries.

Great news! You’re in the right place if you’re reading this now. As you no doubt have realized by now, all of these qualities describe Marc Elkaim to a T! They are exactly who he is!

To learn more about how Marc can transform your life into the most amazing level of luxurious living possible, surrounded by the beauty you desire, done with astonishing ease, grace, care and commitment, call Marc at 310.367.1830

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Marc Elkaim and his team bring you years of knowledge and expertise in Beverly Hills, Bel Air, Los Angeles and surrounding areas so to list for sale, buy, rent, lease or to find out how much your property is worth, feel free to contact Marc Elkaim at 310.367.1830
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