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3 Major Safety Checks To Perform Before Selling Your Property in Beverly Hills

Home safety checks in Beverly Hills are important for sellers to perform in order to avoid possible lawsuits for negligence. Certainly homeowners in Los Angeles area also have the option to hire a professional home inspector before putting their property on the market to avoid potential surprises, especially when homes are older than five to seven years.

You may be tempted to rush and list your Beverly Hills home before it’s truly ready, but don’t fall prey to that temptation as it might result in lower offers and delayed closing.

Home safety includes everything from in-home to out-of-home safety. Here are three home safety checks that are high on the list:

  1. Important Safety Features in the Kitchen

Most of the time, when I share with my clients that the kitchen is one of the most hazardous areas in your home because of the high possibility of grease or electrical fires, they’re in shock. Make sure that there is a working fire extinguisher in your kitchen What is the expiration date listed on it?

If you don’t have one, purchase a fire extinguisher before you list your home and leave it in the kitchen. This will help you avoid a possible lawsuit for negligence if an electrical or grease fire were to happen in that kitchen.

And if you rent out all or part of your Beverly Hills home, make sure your kitchen is childproofed.

Sharp utensils and harmful chemicals can be found in the kitchen and should be kept out of reach of children or secured with childproof locks.

  1. Fire Safety

According to data collected by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), an average of $16,000 in property damage was caused by fires. And if you are accused of negligence, you will be required to pay for all damages. Take care to properly remove fire hazards in your home to make sure your home is truly ready to be listed for sale.

Damaged plugs and appliances, overloaded outlets, and multiple extension cords are home fire risks as well so they must be disposed of properly.

Make sure outdoor grills and other outdoor cooking appliances are a safe distance from your house.

  1. Pool, Lawn, and Landscaping Safety

Pools are the most dangerous part of any residential home. If you happen to own a pool,

Install drain covers that are VGB-compliant

Store hazardous pool chemicals properly away from the pool, preferably in a locked shed

Cover your pool with an adequate safety cover

Removing pet feces and sharp items (rocks, glass, nails) from the yard

Check for and remove poisonous or harmful plants like poison ivy for example

Again, hazardous chemicals (weed killer and other hazardous lawn chemicals) should be stored properly away from the lawn, preferably under lock and key.

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