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5 Ways to Create the Ultimate Luxury Outdoor Living Space in Beverly Hills

One of the best things about owning a luxury home in Beverly Hills is having the space to entertain guests. It’s even better when your luxury home is located in Beverly Hills, where you can take advantage of gorgeous weather year-round, and do your entertaining outside. Unlike other areas in your home that might be for more serious purposes, your backyard or balcony is made for entertaining and should create an inviting and relaxing atmosphere. As such, there are some important features to include and things to keep in mind when you’re purchasing a luxury home or simply upgrading your luxury outdoor living space.

Tweak the Landscape Design

A pristine swimming pool, pond or waterfall surrounded by lush landscaping creates an outdoor oasis perfect for relaxing and entertaining. If you don’t have the space, just incorporate plants and flowers of varying size in vases or ornate baskets. Try to keep the flowers within one color scheme, and the pots in another; this simplistic design will keep things looking modern and fresh and add to the relaxing atmosphere.

Adding water features and using only one flower color creates focal points, while tying the entire landscape together.

Create Dramatic Effects with Lighting

Outdoor lighting isn’t just for preventing a space from becoming dark; it can highlight landscape features and help to create the right atmosphere. Use path lights to hint at where to go next, as opposed to outlining the path’s exact perimeter, or place lights near interesting plants to create color and texture. Forego path lighting altogether if you’ve got large trees that can be lit from below. Light fixtures can also be placed high up in trees to create a natural moonlight effect. Create a serene, glowing effect by adding LED tape to your outdoor kitchen. Try to avoid typical string lights and opt for hanging lanterns instead; they’re both whimsical and elegant.

These globe lights placed seemingly at random on the lawn are unique, dramatic and elegant.

Test Your Culinary Skills in an Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor cooking and dining spaces can be just as important as your indoor ones thanks to the beautiful South Florida weather. Depending on the size of your backyard or patio, luxury outdoor kitchens can be as simple as an ultimate grill, to a fully-functional space with multiple grills, side burners, full-sized fridge, double-sink, pizza oven, drawers and cabinetry for storage, a bar area and even flat-screen TVs with surround sound. Having everything you need right outside makes cooking and dining a hassle-free experience for everyone.

Stainless steel is sleek, easy to clean and durable, and looks beautiful when used in combination with granite or wood. 

Bring the Indoors Outside with Inviting Seating

Traditional and matching patio furniture has become quite passé. Outdoor entertaining has become more about creating an inviting and comfortable lounging atmosphere. Opt for benches, ottomans, loungers and loveseats instead, and don’t be afraid to mix and match pieces. These comfortable pieces will encourage guests to stay outside long after dinner is over. As with the interior of your house, keep things modern by mixing the old with the new and don’t be afraid to choose bright and bold designs.

Loungers and non-traditional loveseats in warm tones with pops of color create an inviting space for guests.

If you have enough space, you can create separate areas for lounging and dining if you prefer, just follow the same “keep it comfy” rule. Ideally, you’d like the seating areas close to your cooking space so that you can chat and entertain guests while casually checking the grill.

The separate areas for dining and lounging are tied together through the use of earthy tones and greenery, which also balance out the stainless steel appliances.

Stay Cozy by the Fire

Fire pits are perfect for evenings when the temperature dips but your guests want to remain outdoors. There are multiple designs, styles and types to choose from, including the source of fuel, depending on what kind of atmosphere you’d like to create. While a wood fire pit is an easy, rustic option, some prefer using natural gas, where you have the option of running a line from your home. If you’d really like to bring the indoors outside, why not opt for a fireplace instead?

Fire pits are an excellent way to provide warmth and a focal point for people to gather round. Also note the dramatic effect created by ‘up-lighting’ the palm trees.

Outdoor living spaces are quickly becoming as important as indoor ones in terms of entertaining and relaxing. With all of the design features and upgrades now available for luxury outdoor living spaces, these areas simply can’t be ignored. So whether you’re looking to buy a luxury home in Beverly Hills or upgrade your current one, pay special attention to the outdoor living space and what you can do with it; from something as simple as installing a fire pit to creating a dining and lounging area with the ultimate outdoor kitchen, the sky’s the limit!

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